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Articles and Media Release: 2010 - 2015

13 Nov. 2015    Media ReleaseHH Mrs. Deborah Thomas-Felix, appointed Member of the ILO’s Committee of Experts on the Application  of Convention and Recommendations

14 Oct. 2015    Industrial Court President to students: Save wisely and invest

30 Sept. 2015    Report sexual abuse, stop bullying

22 Sept. 2015    Judge sees more cases as economy contracts

22 Sept. 2015    Industrial Court needs 15 more reporters: Deborah Thomas-Felix calls for help

22 Sept. 2015    Time to examine ‘informal’ economy

13 July 2015      Industrial Court goes to Tobago

8 July 2015        Industrial Court coming to Tobago

8 July 2015        Tobago to get an Industrial Court

25 May 2015   Paul Richards conducts an exclusive interview with HH Mrs. Debra Thomas-Felix

Part 1 of Interview on the Industrial Court and Industrial Relations in Trinidad and Tobago

Part 2 of Interview on the Industrial Court and Industrial Relations in Trinidad and Tobago

17 May 2015    Industrial Court database (Video)

17 May 2015    Henry: Focus on performance-based budgeting

25 Mar 2015     Industrial Court praised for its service over 50 years

20 Feb 2015     Trini-born judge Thomas-Felix is UN judge

20 Feb 2015     Debra Thomas-Felix sworn in to UN Appeals Tribunal

20 Feb 2015     Thomas-Felix takes oath as UN Judge

19 Feb 2015     Media Release - President Sworn in as UNAT Judge

19 Feb 2015     Remarks by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

10 Dec 2014     President's Response to UN Appointment

10 Dec 2014     Prime Minister extends congratulations to Judge Deborah Thomas-Felix

10 Dec 2014     Appointment of H.H. Mrs. Deborah Thomas-Felix as Judge of The United Nations Appeal Tribunal

19 Nov 2014     Judgment: TD 717 of 2013 and IRO 23 of 2013 (Consolidated) 

                              [TT National Petroleum Marketing Company Ltd AND OWTU]

29 Oct 2014      Media Release: New Member Appointed at the Industrial Court

3 Oct 2014       Gov't eyes, ears must open to needs of courts

22 Sept 2014    Industrial Court President: They want security of tenure

22 Sept 2014    Industrial Court judges need secure tenure

22 Sept 2014    More money for better performance

22 Sept 2014    Industrial Court unhappy about funding

2 Sept 2014      Media Release - Appointment of Members 

26 Feb 2014    Notice of Closure of Offices

22 Jan 2014    The Industrial Court of Trinidad and Tobago welcomed four (4) new Members to the Court

3 Oct 2013      Seeking public servants, insulated yet efficient

2 Oct 2013      Government workers on short-term contracts at a disadvantage

1 Oct 2013      Industrial Court president: Contract labour hurting public service

12 July 2012   Partnership of law and labour important for greater social harmony and economic development

21 May 2012   Industrial Court launches Law Reports

13 Dec 2011    Thomas-Felix promises fairness to unions

Vice President appointed at the Industrial Court

New President appointed at the Industrial Court of Trinidad and Tobago

Pictures of New Industrial Court President and Vice President